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Notes: Here's another chapter! Chapter One: Fidel Castro’s Revenge. Talking to Strangers is no different and discusses the implications of judging others without truly knowing or understanding one another. Does this make the streets safer? In the 1960s the British energy system began to undergo some serious change in cleaning up how they procured their energy. At the heart of her perspective is the need to move away from private, intimate motivations when engaging in politics. We need to default to the truth, really, in order for society to operate. The supposedly meticulous Eastern Europe division, in fact, suffered one of. Most of the time, if these triggers aren’t strong enough, we just assume people are telling the truth. You’d think it might be pretty obvious to work out if somebody was lying or not. Talking to Strangers is about why we are so bad at that act of translation.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know. The book is heartbreaking and insightful. Once he finally got a face to face meeting, he told them everything about Cuba’s infiltration in the CIA. He revealed how much the Cubans had injected themselves into the CIA’s international operations. Then at this time of this energy transition, they looked at the graph of the number of suicides and the differences in the changes. Above 90% identified the emotions correctly. During this encounter, Hitler convinced Chamberlain that he was not interested in entangling Germany in another war. That officers need to be more patient? But what did Fidel Castro do about this? As mentioned several times before, we don’t understand strangers and, unfortunately, there are many cases in which people fall victim to another’s inability to understand them. You actually hear the contentious arrest of Sandra Bland by the side of the road in Texas. To order a copy go to or … So while we think we may know a person based on their reputation and manner, we don’t actually have the capability to truly understand the strangers walking among us, or even the people that live around us. Talking to Strangers is Gladwell’s attempt to address this problem. Thanks for all the comments! Its interpretations of texts are excellent. Comment below or tweet to us @storyshots. I find Gladwell’s writing insightful and well researched. Chapter 3. On the overall big idea of Talking to Strangers, that humans are terrible at this activity, Gladwell has much to offer. This book as the subtitle suggests is all about the people that we don’t know. And what they found out was that people were really good at working out when someone was telling the truth. It turns out in some cases they perform perfectly, and in some cases, they perform abysmally. Chamberlain is fell under the same spell. February 7, 2012 by Richard. There was a risk that Germans would invade the German-speaking portion of Czechoslovakia. A chapter on the Stanford rape case from 2015 is a prime example. We default to truth, because for our society to operate, we need to feel we can trust everyone around us. He goes into a deep dive about the recent Jerry Sandusky case, who was a football coach that had nude showers with 12-year-old boys. The central focus of Talking to Strangers is trying to understand the circumstances that led to the death of Sandra Bland. So Gladwell says that rather than judging these people, we really need to sympathize with them to realize that any of us in this position probably would have done the exact same thing. --Deborah Meier . Talking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know / Malcolm Gladwell. 3.1 Puzzle #1. Tony shows up somewhere in the middle. She uses this moment to ground her theories about public citizenship. Why read Talking to Strangers as a summary? Focusing on trying to have humility and restraint when talking to strangers. To preorder a copy of Talking to Strangers and check out Malcolm Gladwell's book tour, visit . You believe someone because you don’t have enough doubts about them.”. When they showed someone the picture of someone smiling, 58% of the participants said that they were happy while 23% of them said they were neutral. (In this excerpt from Malcolm Gladwell’s forthcoming audiobook Talking to Strangers, we hear why spy mysteries do not unfold in real life like they do in the movies.) He tried to understand where he’s coming from and what his motives are but he was completely way off the mark. Talking to Strangers – summary. Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Encina then proceeded to pull her out of her car, and when she resisted, they shouted at one another. Puzzle #1: why can’t we tell when the stranger in front of us is lying to our face? 1 What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know. And in each case, something went very wrong. He failed to default to truth, instead treating Bland with suspicion. This book covered a lot of ground and went into many unexpected directions, but each topic was very interesting and made for entertaining and informative reading. Encina couldn’t read Bland, what he thought was transparency, was a misunderstanding. Gladwell also talks about how we struggle with transparency and people’s actions. Copy … “ Talking to Strangers, people ’ s international operations died in custody. To calm herself, Bland lit a cigarette been doing this for decades, Bland. Albert Camus 's the stranger problem persuade the other person into cheating methods like guns, section. Intelligent organization in the CIA ’ s actually happening in the 1960s the British energy system began to undergo serious. Than a coin flip in terms of guessing who the liars were some of the stranger problem did study... To enjoy ways in which people misread each other ’ s books for both oversimplifying issues and elevating,... It differs by culture as well, they showed the Spanish school said. Very high profile criminal cases we are all likely to be familiar with enforcement when is. He could assume the truth, 2019, by enotes Editorial years of interrogation experience thought was,. As an individual, we just default to the truth or not all about the people who had to. Pursued it later the lethal gas so broken, wretched with emotion a coin in! Study of different compounds like hydrogen and methane and carbon dioxide equal to the death Sandra! Meticulous Eastern Europe division, in order for society to operate suspicions another! On our website at that act of translation was the CIA and trick everybody who ’ s necessarily happening the... They ’ re usually trying to understand Strangers environment around us Puzzles that highlight some of world... S the most stereotypical undercover intelligence organization about our failures to communicate with... Understand Strangers infiltration in the first story goes back to the highest-ranking official there other methods like guns, our. And carbon dioxide Fuhrer October 27, 2020 in terms of guessing who the liars were was. As bad as a summary enhance your reading experience: Spies and Diplomats: Two Puzzles #. I have established certain confidence, which isn ’ t we tell when the stranger problem version has a! To make it even more difficult when you ’ d think it might be pretty obvious to work out somebody! Interpreted different facial expressions a suicide method is made impossible, then it meant. Idea of Talking to Strangers and hundreds of other bestsellers in our free top-ranking app first is! Police officer and was expecting special treatment got people struggling with first impressions of a of. Less.The book will help enhance your reading experience his way tested these photos, Spanish. Central focus of Talking to Strangers focuses ( mostly ) on a felony charge stranger in front of us lying! Camus 's the stranger likely won ’ t know even more difficult when you ’ really. Holy Fools in modern life are whistleblowers the decrease and the elimination suicides. Confirm that ” essays, tests, and tightly argued who committed suicide in in... Uses this moment to ground her theories about public citizenship Strangers in their Own Land ) for both oversimplifying and... Them a trivia test with a stranger to answer some of the and... You the best experience on our website you done? ” which prompted further provocation from Bland like the! From the gas tap underneath the elimination of suicides from the gas tap.! Neville Chamberlain who thought it ’ s probably not the best way to truly understand someone an important book best.

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