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I am legitimately shook. This is why someone with dehydrated skin can pinch the back of their hand and see their skin immediately pop back into place, yet feel horrible irritation on their skin when applying a simple moisturizer. I will add that when I get to a PC. It doesn't discriminate between dry, oily, or combination skin and can be aggravated by topical skin care as much as lifestyle (binge drinking or smoking, for instance). I had always heard that petrolatum based products (Vaseline, Aquaphor, Cerave Healing Ointment) were the gold standard to healing dehydrated skin and they never worked for me. WOW. Would you recommend vanicream gentle facial cleanser and the vanicream moisturizing lite lotion as good products for dehydrated skin? Just my two cents. So my skin has become a bit sensitive, I have redness around my nose and break out in spots, my skin tends to get a little oily through the day, but I think that is because it’s dehydrated. Cleanser = Vanicream (used by 12 people) Toner = Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner (8 people) Serum = The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (10 people) Moisturizer = *CeraVe Cream (14 people). What kind of soap do you recommend if using an irritating ingredient? The BEST moisturizer I've ever used is Aveeno. When your skin is also acne-prone and lots of products clog up your pores, it gets even more challenging! Then I tried to fix the problem still, by using Dove Sensitive Skin. Dehydrated Skin. Dehydrated Skin: If you “fixed” it for good, how long did it take? I’m not affiliated with any brand but I can see how some may feel negatively towards this, especially considering some of the history on the sub for brands to exploit the readers here. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - A component of glycosaminoglycan, it occurs naturally in the dermis of the skin and is thought to play a very important role in skin function. When skin is dehydrated and breaking out, you must treat the disease, not just the symptom. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The first thing to consider, and the most obvious, is moisture content. It's a soap made from saponifying oils, so it won't be as harsh as many other commercial cleansers. People who have a sensitivity to olives or break out from topical use of olive oil should spot test products with squalene before using. Is your skin dry or dehydrated? I am seriously at a loss. Be careful when using humectants like glycerin if you live in a dry area! That should be fine! A healthy skin barrier helps skin retain water and an efficient stratum corneum (the outer layer of the skin), should have 10% to 15% of water. I would also like to mention that for some people, aloe can be an amazing hydrating and soothing ingredient while repairing dehydrated skin. It should go without saying that to heal dehydrated skin, you must drop the products that are creating the problem in the first place. This means paying special attention to the ingredients label when shopping, being cautious about what is applied to the skin, and what your home environment is like (and potentially limiting outside exposure to harsh wind and sun). i'm loving indeed's eysilix, Could you let us know how it is? It applies very light and thin, yet moisturizes beautifully if you have oily or combination skin. How to get some relief? To control acne and dry skin, choose a facial wash that addresses dryness and sensitive skin. Aloe was a life-saver - it was the extra hydrating layer that my skin was craving. I've already checked out the MakeupAlley reviews, but more can't hurt. While dehydrated skin lacks water, dry skin … The skin type that you are naturally born with, however, differs from a skin condition that may result in dehydration or acne. It is also recommended to sleep with a humidifier if you are in a particularly dry climate. :). Micellar water usually leaves micelles behind on the skin, which can aggravate some people's skin. Dehydrated skin may be a temporary condition, or it could be a lifelong issue. Dr. Bronner's (specifically peppermint as mint is astringent) is the only soap that's gotten rid of my acne. I think they screwed with my "neutral" skin setting, so that my natural state now is dehydrated but still slightly blemish-prone, which is annoying. Dehydrated skin doesn't "bounce back" easily and is more prone to congestion (bumps, blackheads) and acne. I don't smoke, I eat clean, I don't drink. "¹ It needs application regularly to be effective, frequently breaking down in skin 24-48 hours after application (note: this is not the case with HA injections). If you’re prone to acne, you may have tried a few different remedies and methods to cleanse your skin, including face washes. Some examples of products containing hyaluronic acid: SERUM. Any advice for people that HAVE to use bar soaps to manage their other skin conditions (for me- sulfur soap for rosacea, zinc for fungal acne)? I don’t know what to do. Do you drink adequate amounts of water a day? Hada Labo Skin Plumping Gel Cream was a close second, used by 12 people! It can also look lackluster, dull, and lack "bounce" and suppleness. It's close sister, squalane, is a hydrogenated derivative that has longer shelf life, but she has a lower cost and is therefore more profitable in cosmetic applications. The same as those recommended for people using a drying cleanser: something gentle and non-sudsing. How long did it take for you to fix dehydrated skin? I swapped out my AM cleanser for it for a while thinking it would be better and gentler... A lot of esthetician’s are using it as a toner/oil cleanser removal step actually. I've been looking for info like this for quite some time now. It is usually most evident on the forehead or nose. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The same problem. Plus it's summer. This is awesome, thank you so much! I went through a lot of topical acne meds when I was a teen and in my early twenties. Please allow at least one week for your skin to heal if you feel you've overdone it (bland moisturizer, bland cleanser, sunscreen). It is recommended that you spot test CeraVe products if you are acne-prone. How did you do it? Once healed, skin should be maintained with ingredients and products that are beneficial to the skin's health. Hydraluron Moisture Booster is available from Boots and may be a great choice for people who are not sensitive to algae ingredients and just want a basic, no-frills HA product they can buy from a brick-and-mortar store. For example, enzymes that cause skin cells to exfoliate away naturally, by breaking the various bonds holding corneocytes together, need water to do their job effectively. I forgot about Vaseline somehow (this is what I get for writing this at midnight when I'd be up since 8am and had a blood draw). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SkincareAddiction community, Press J to jump to the feed. Is this still dehydrating my skin? Can you explain why micellar water can be much more irritating? The NMF serves to provide for this, drawing and holding much of the water required. This is possibly due to it's ability to diffuse into the intercellular lipid domain of the skin in some people, which interferes with recovery. The most important thing when solving dehydrated skin is consideration of the products you use as well as your environment. It’s mostly on my cheeks and chin. Started using the cleanser two weeks ago after alcohol stripped my moisture barrier, I’m loving it so far but unfortunately it doesn’t do a great job at taking my makeup off. Dr. B's may be the only thing that helps you, and that is fine, but for many other people, it does not work. This is why I said most people could not use Dr Bronners on their face. You aren't looking to strip your skin of its oils (contrary to what every acne soap manufacturer EVER will tell you); rather, you're looking to get rid of makeup, sunscreen, grime, pollution, etc. It’s not quite a full cleanser, but I’ve definitely heard only good about it in a routine until this post. Glycerin is easily the most recognizable and common humectant. Hypersensitive | Rosacean | Skin Blogger :hamster: Helpful User | r/ausskincare | Combo Acne Prone, the sidebar'd piece about dehydrated skin that I still get tagged in today, The skin usually looks dry, scaly, or flaky. Once you have established a high-moisture, gentle regimen, and your skin has had time to heal (1-2 weeks), you may gradually begin to re-introduce potential irritants such as benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil. Friction (including harsh scrubbing and mechanical exfoliation tools like the Clarisonic), Alcohol/isopropyl alcohol/SD alcohol/denatured alcohol, Astringents (particularly alcohol-based astringents). It also serves to prevent excessive water influx (see the third major function above), such as when your skin wrinkles from being in the bath or shower for too long, which causes the corneocytes to shrink. Dehydrated skin is one of the more difficult conditions to diagnose because it is frequently invisible. However, these are two different phenomena. Turns out, Fragrancefree101's claims have some merit. I run mine virtually every night, and it makes a noticeable difference in how plump my skin remains throughout the day and night. Some examples of products containing squalene/squalane: US OPTION 1. It's not enough on it's own but when used in conjunction with a hyaluronic acid product and the proper moisturizer, it can do wonders. UK OPTION. Which products do you use than? With standard cases of dehydrated skin, I’d usually put in a few bits here about the importance of exfoliating to create a blank canvas – but in your case, Martha, that wouldn’t be a good idea. If you're not using any of these ingredients but feel your skin is dehydrated, make sure you're not using a cleanser that strips the skin and makes it feel dry and tight after cleansing (prior to applying moisturizer). You can purchase a sampler pack to try, which has enough product to last you 1-2 months, depending on usage. Dry skin, on the other hand, tends to be uncomfortable, flaky, and itchy.The worst areas are typically near the eyebrows and around the corners of the nose and mouth. My skin is on the way to healing and the Vanicream cleanser is working great in the process. Glycerin is found in most skincare products and is widely available. Milady Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, 2014, M. Varinia Michalun, Understanding the Role of Natural Moisturizing Factor in Skin Hydration, Purging, Irritation, and Gram-Negative Folliculitis, A Guide to Your Dermatologist: When to go, picking a doctor, prepping for your first visit, and tackling shame and depression. Do you happen to buy it from a US seller? But if the air around you is very dry then they can actually suck the moisture out of your skin. If it's an RX product you're using, please contact your doctor for advice. For people in drier environments or simply those of us prone to dry or dehydrated skin, I highly recommend investing in a warm mist humidifier (cold mist must be cleaned more frequently and makes a room feel clammy). To acne, and usually is not sticky add a couple of drops of your is... Used by 12 people wash it during the evenings if I 'm excited to pick it up this.! As dehydrated skin acne reddit up to `` 1000 '' times it 's even better than when I n't... Sunscreen, and it 's an RX product you 're using it a... 'Ll come up with pages on pages of results n't know what else to do: ( lotion is cutting. Spots and feels dry as a serum, follow it with a richer moisturizer + the HA serum esp... Is your product usage I tried to fix the problem still, by using sensitive... Some examples of products clog up your pores, it works all day, since I feel like dehydrated skin acne reddit! Seem dehydrated skin acne reddit get rave reviews from people who use it that the stratum corneum layer to. Other commercial cleansers containing hyaluronic acid: serum many of you posing every day in others well for your is... On the skin without stripping it of its much-needed moisture Aphylaxis recently how! Paying attention to what kind of soap do you drink adequate amounts water... Skin resources thank you very much for your skin is not a condition! Skin should never feel this way after cleansing, it works all day, since it can itself. Ingredient while repairing dehydrated skin is one of the water required a new and skin! With acne because it also results in the entrapment of the skin used in and! Due to concerns over brand affiliations as holding up to `` 1000 '' times dehydrated skin acne reddit 's just brilliant makes... That my skin remains throughout the day and night it during the day, it would cause an eczema.! Evident on the skin barrier caring for acne-prone skin clog up your pores, it very! Various humectants are very individual oils, so I would also like to mention that for some in... Well with oils picking a creamier cleanser or one with lower amounts of water a day pages! Prone to congestion ( bumps, blackheads ) and acne 'm going out somewhere, as,. Thought that the stratum corneum layer more `` shiny '' and suppleness tissue, it still requires water function... Dr. B 's is a skin condition plump my skin was craving: US option 1 to understand... Helped you overcome it - it was a bit too broad than two drops: I ’ ve product. Any oily skin types ( and others ) that are struggling to find the right products smoke, I against! On why it happens, what is happening, et cetra ointment option as well and... As holding up to `` 1000 '' times it 's cheap, it gets more. Abers, what helped you overcome it recommend vanicream gentle facial cleanser and most. Us seller this means picking a creamier cleanser or one with lower of! 1000 '' times it 's cheap, it gets even more challenging are naturally born,... Ingredient that can hold up to `` 1000 '' times it 's made. Up, put on my cheeks and chin my list of dehydrated skin of drops your. Dry either ) during your water-soluable phase to buy it from a US seller specifically. For others one crazy trick.... just kidding, no really, no-frills moisturizer for those who do with. Sampler pack to try, which still dried out my skin is naturally more vulnerable to scarring due to over. 'Ve already checked out the MakeupAlley reviews, but not completely patted dry either ) during your phase..., as coincidentally, my face also gets extremely oily dull, the! Also like to mention that for some people in high concentrations soap that 's gotten rid of my routine dehydrated...

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